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Viktor Buniakovsky
b. 16 December 1804 Ukraine
d. 12 December 1889 St. Petersburg, Russia

Oscar Sheynin has summarized Buniakovsky's work on probability. For which see "On V. Ya. Buniakovsky's work in the theory of probability," Archive for History of the Exact Sciences,  Vol. 43, Number 3, 199-223 (1991).

This paper provides a synopsis of Buniakovsky's Russian textbook The Principles of the Mathematical Theory of Probability which was published at St. Petersburg in 1846. Sheynin notes that in it, Buniakovsky attempted to simplify the book by Laplace. He does discuss the standard topics including the treatment of observations, testimony, population statistics and so on.

I include  here  translations of two papers written in French by Buniakovsky and paraphases of two written in Russian. These are