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Johann III Bernoulli

b. 4 November 1744 Basel, Switzerland
d. 13 July 1807 Berlin, Germany

Johann III, son of Johann II and grandson of Johann I, at the invitation of Frederick II, went to the Berlin Academy to reorganize the observatory in 1764. Between 1766 and 1775 he published in the Histoire de l'Academie des sciences et belles lettres de Berlin in which may be found two papers concerning probability. In general, his papers are of little interest.

Besides these, to him is attributed the entry Milieu in the Encyclopédie Methodique. Its three volumes devoted to mathematics were published in 1784, 1785 and 1789 respectively. The article summarizes the work of others. These include Josef Boskovich, Johann Heinrich Lambert, Daniel Bernoulli and Joseph Lagrange. The paper of Daniel Bernoulli was later published as Dijudicatio maxime probabilis plurium observationum discrepantium; atque verisimillima inductio inde formanda. The account given does not correspond to that published in Acta Acad. Petrop. for 1777, pars prior with date of publication 1778. The memoir of Lagrange is "Mémoire sur l'utilité de la méthode de prendre le milieu entre les résultats de plusieurs observations; dans lequel on examine les avantages de cette méthode par le calcul des probabilités; et où l'on résoud différens problèmes relatifs à cette matiére," published in Miscellanea Taurinensia Vol. V for 1770-1773, pp. 167 - 232 of the mathematical portion.

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