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Mikhail Vasil'evich Ostrogradsky

b. 24 September 1801 at Pashennaya (in present day Ukraine)
d. 1 January 1862 at Poltava (in present day Ukraine)

Ostrogradsky together with Buniakovsky were early probabilists of Russia. Ostrogradsky studied first at Kharkov University during the years 1817 and 1820 where he became acquainted with the theory. He departed for Paris in 1822 where he and Buniakovsky both became acquainted with Laplace. Ostrogradsky returned to St. Petersburg in the spring of 1828. Near the end of 1831 he became a member of the St. Petersburg Academy.  

Four papers of interest were written in French and published by the Academy at Saint Petersbourg.  These are:
In addition to these papers, he wrote several popular pieces. He also delivered a course on probability in a sequence of 20 lectures in 1858. The Complete Collected Works of Ostrogradsky has been published by the Academy of Sciences of Ukrainian SSR. Most papers are in Russian, Two references may be mentioned, both of which I have found useful.

The paper "M. V. Ostrogradsky as probabilist" by Eugene Seneta appeared in the Ukrainian Mathematical Journal, Vol. 53, No. 8, (2001), pp. 1237-1247.

Gnedenko, writing in Russian, contributed "On Ostrogradsky's works on probability theory." This was published in 1951 in Istoriko.-Matematich. Issledovania., 4, 99-123. However, Oscar Sheynin translated a portion of this into English. It may be found in his Russian Papers.