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Irénée-Jules Bienaymé

b. 28 August 1796, Paris, France
d. 19 October 1878, Paris

Sometime around 1834, Bienaymé became an active member of the Societé Philomatique de Paris; many of his papers were published in its journal. In all, thirty-six published articles were written by Bienaymé. Those which appeared in L'Institute, Paris were printed first in the Extraits des Procès-Verbaux de la Societé philomatique de Paris. Those papers published by the Philomatic Society typically had little mathematical detail and for this reason they are unsatisfactory. 

The list of publications has been taken from that compiled by Heyde and Seneta: I.J. Bienaymé, Statistical Theory Anticipated, Springer-Verlag 1977. Since Heyde and Seneta fully summarize his researches, there is little annotation below and the reader is directed to that work.

Demography and Social Statistics

Statistical Trends

Bienaymé is concerned with the homogeneity and stability of statistical trials. He studies the stituations where the probability of a success in a sequence of trials varies with time..

Miscellaneous papers on statistics

Least Squares

Other papers